ORACLE BI Admintool.exe “The connection has failed”

First of all, let’s briefly describe Oracle Business Intelligence  Administartion Tool.

This tool is for to build, create, manage Oracle BI repository. The tool can be downloaded from Oracle site:

choose Oracle Business Intelligence Developer Client Tools Installer.

As you can see the tool is just for windows. I don’t know why, maybe Oracle gays are so busy, I hope it will be for Linux too.

The installation for Oracle BI Suite(not Admin Tool) is for Windows as well as Linux. Installing on Windows is much easier, but because of I prefer Linux for my servers, I installed it on Linux. Unfortunately, I was not able to use Admin Tool on my Linux, and of course I did not want to install it with Wine. So I decided to configure Admintool.exe on windows with Oracle database client installed on it and tried to connect to the remote database called orcl. The error was the following “The connection has failed”


If you have the same error and all previous steps are satisfied (means you have installed Oracle client and AdminTool.exe on windows, you have database instance on somewhere that you can connect) the solution is very simple.

1. Close admin tool .

2. Describe TNS_ADMIN environment variable and set it to the value where tnsnames.ora file is located:

My Computer->Properties->Advanced System Settings. Appears the following windows and choose Environment Variables
















Click New button in System variables section and fill fields by the following:

Variable name: TNS_ADMIN

Variable value: %ORACLE_HOME%\network\admin















Click OK

3. Re-run AdminTool.exe

That is all, good luck. I hope the post was helpful for you.