ORA-15041 during rebalance OR add disk


One of our customers had a disk offline for more than disk_repair_time, which caused Oracle to drop 1TB disk. The problem started after that, the drop command caused rebalance operation and because of less than 1TB free space on the diskgroup, the rebalance failed with ORA-15041. Mentioned rebalance caused some of the disks to become 100% full, so free MB on some disks were 0.

Adding disks did not help, because when we were checking free space on the existing disks we were getting the following output:

# su - grid
$ sqlplus / as sysasm
SQL> select disk_number "Disk #", free_mb 
     from v$asm_disk 
     where group_number = 1 
     order by 2

    Disk #    FREE_MB
---------- ----------
        13       0
         0       0
         4       0
         3       4
        11       132900

As mentioned our rebalance was failing:


It was AWS environment and in cloud we could easily increase disk size, so we increased all disks in the diskgorup by 200GB:

Resizing steps: https://dba010.com/2019/08/23/resize-asm-disks-in-aws-fg-enabled-cluster/

Triggered Rebalance:

# su - grid
$ sqlplus / as sysasm

And after several hours rebalance finished successfully.

Please note that initially we increased space on disks by 1GB and rebalance failed again, then we increased by 200GB and the operation was successful. So you may need to increase disk size several times.

Useful note from Oracle Doc ID 473271.1