MGTCA-1176/MGTCA-1162 : An error occurred while marking the Cluster Manifest File as expired.

If you are installing “Oracle Member Cluster for Oracle Database” and during the installation GIRM configuration assistant fails with the following error:

MGTCA-1176 : An error occurred while marking the Cluster Manifest File as expired.
MGTCA-1162 : failed to add a property to the provided Cluster Manifest File

Just give the following permission to the manifest file , to let the installer make changes there:

chmod 777 manifest.xml

There is no useful info about that on the internet and metalink! I guessed it myself.  That’s why posting that simple solution here.


Disable Auto Space Advisor

On our production database Segment Space Advisor jobs were running very frequently with different names “SYS.ORA$AT_SA_SPC_SY_***”.  That was causing 100% of IO activity when was creating advise on the table containing XML files . LOB segment space for this table is 565G.

In my opinion, it is fare to disable this auto task and run manually whenever you want.

client_name => ‘auto space advisor’,
operation => NULL,
window_name => NULL);

Check the status:

SQL> select client_name, status
2 from dba_autotask_client;

auto optimizer stats collection ENABLED
auto space advisor DISABLED
sql tuning advisor DISABLED

Thanks to Fikria for this case 🙂