Oracle Data Miner(Installation)

     Data Miner is a graphical user interface, which helps you to mine data.It builds models based on the historical data and by these models it can make approximate predicates about how business data will change.
It has built in algorithms by which it does this predicates. But now I will not discuss what Data Miner is and what Data Miner does or its architecture, I will just give you the scripts which will install it, and we also will install demo examples(demo data ,which will be useful for the people who are inexperienced in Oracle Data Miner ).

So let’s Start:

1. Download oracle data miner from:

2.Connect as SYS  and create a new user “dmuser” which will be the owner of data miner objects.


3.If you have the following script file ” dmshgrants.sql” then you can simply run it by the following way:

Go to the folder where this file exists , connect database as SYS and do the following:

Value for 1:sh
Value for 2:dmuser
 Value for 1 is a password for “SH” user 
 Value for 2  is a username for our newly created user.(In this case “dmuser”)

If you don’t have this file you can download it from here: dmshgrants.sql

4. If the user will need to import or export data mining models, grant this additional privilege.


Connect Database as a dmuser and run the following:

5.If you have the following file just go to the directory where this file exists and run:


 If you don’t have it, download this file from here:dmsh.sql

 To run Data Miner and use its features go to the directory, where data miner was downloaded, go to the bin directory and run odminerw.exe executable file . Click the button “Edit” and enter the correct information.(Do not confuse, username/password should be dmuser/dmuser)


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