How to restore database in SQL Server 2005

I will discuss how to restore database in SQL Server 2005, by the very simple way.
So let’s start:

1. Run  SQL Server Management Studio.

2. In Object Explorer, choose Databases , right click and choose Restore Database…

Restore Database(SQL Server 2005)

3. In the new window, select the database name which you want to restore (my database name is MariamDB).

Destination for restore(SQL Server 2005)

4. On the same window, in Source for restore section, choose From device option, and click browse button.
Source for restore(SQL Server 2005)

5. In Specify Backup window, click Add button.
Specify Backup(SQL Server 2005)

6. Choose the destination where your backup(.bak) file exists, and click OK.
Locate Backup File(SQL Server 2005)

7. Picture should look like this:
Source for restore_Select the backup sets to restore(SQL Server 2005)

8. Check the row, which is showing your backup file information.
Source for restore_Select the backup sets to restore(checked)(SQL Server 2005)

9. Go to the options, and check Overwrite the existing database, and click OK.
Restore Database_Options(SQL Server 2005)

That is all! 🙂


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