Install New Unicode Character Set in Oracle(Locale Builder)

Locale Builder is an utility to view, modify, or define locale-specific data. As well as to create your own formats for language, territory, character set, and linguistic sort.

I will show you how to create .nlb(binary file) from .nlt(text file).

First of all, let’s discuss what NLT file is.

NLT file content is in xml format which can be created by Oracle Locale Builder(located in %ORACLE_HOME%\nls\builders\lbuilder.bat.)

1. Run lbuilder.bat

Choose File->New->Character Set.

As you can see every field is free, for better understanding let me open already created character set












And the last one shows the NLT file content.


As you can see content is in XML format.

As I said previously NLT file is a text file, but Oracle needs NLB, binary file. Oracle Locale Builder gives the ability to create NLB file from NLT file. Let’s do it.

I consider the situation when we already have NLT file.

2. Run Locale Builder.

Click Generate NLB icon.


Choose the path where your NLT files are.

Be careful, after browsing the folder path I’ve noticed that something wrong is in the path:


There, nltfiles folder name is displayed twice. Let’s see what happens if we click OK.


So I decided to delete second nltfiles and click OK.

Note: If you highlight folder where NLT files are, so do not enter inside, and click Open during browsing, everything will be OK.



NLB files are located in the same directory where NLT files are so for me it is D:\Install\Gbank\nltfiles.

Just a little advice: Save old lx0boot.nlb and lx1boot.nlb files and then replace them by new one, for to avoid any incompatibility .

Copy all of them and paste into %ORACLE_HOME%\nls\data.

New unicode character set is already installed.To use it, do the following:

1. Start->Run->regedit->HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ORACLE\KEY_…-> find and modify NLS_LANG value to AMERICAN_AMERICA.newCharacterSetName(this name can be  found in .nlt file in a  <name> tag for me it is GE8PC866)

2.Open PL/SQL Developer->choose Tools->Preferences…->Fonts->Select-> and then choose Font:.


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