Create Database Link in Another Schema

Creating database link has several restrictions. One of them is that you can’t create DB link in another schema, for example the following script is not correct:

create database link hr.remote_db_link
connect to k identified by k
using 'test'

If you run this then database link will be created with the name “hr.remote_db_link”  in your schema not in HR schema.

To solve this, there can be done the following:

–Create procedure from our user in HR which will execute database creation script

 create procedure hr."db_create_link_proc"
      execute immediate  'create database link remote_db_link
                          connect to k identified by k
                          using ''test'' ';

–Execute that procedure from our schema


–Then you can drop this procedure from our schema

drop procedure hr."db_create_link_proc"

That is all.


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