Open Suse desktop turns black problem [SOLVED]

I don’t know how, but I have had enabled desktop effects on my Open Suse, which caused computer screen to turn black when computer was not in use during some minutes.I couldn’t see my mouse pointer, it did not have any reaction on pressing keys. Just CTRL+ALT+F1(turning to console mode) worked.

I have found a good solution and I want to share it with you.

Assume that you see a black screen now.

Go to the console mode:


Go to the following location:

cd .kde4/share/config

Edit the following file:

vi kwinrc

Find the following entry:



Change value true to false, the output should look like this:



Note: If you do not know how to edit file from command line do the following: press “i” key, which makes file writable in a console, now you can move to your desired line by arrow keys and change the value, after that press “Esc” key and type the following: “:wq” which means save the changes and quite.

Switch back to graphical mode:


Restart X-Graphics Server:

CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE (twice, fast)

Now you should see the login screen.



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