Sql Sever Backup Problem

If you have the following error during backup/restore of SQL Server database:


Just click OK, and let’s start its workaround…

In Select Backup Destination window do not browse anything, or it will arise the previous error, just type the path and name of the backup file, like that:


Click OK, there will appear the following window:


Click Yes… Your backup should work.

I have also checked my backup by restoring it and everything works fine…

Note: Support of the Microsoft recommends you the following workaround:

“To work around this behavior, assign the user profile to the sysadmin role. By doing so, the user profile has unlimited access to all SQL Server features.”

I did it without this security issueSmile


P.S I found another solution of it… especially by granting db_backupoperator role to that user….

NOTE: If you do not grant this role, user will be able to make a backup as I did in the previous section, but will not be able to restore database…


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