Large Number of Trace Files Generated Every 5 min Under $ORACLE_BASE/grid/cv/log/

Hello all,

Recently, I’ve found that 14GB space was eaten by $ORACLE_BASE/grid/cv/log/.  As I found on metalink, this logging is enabled by default by implicitly setting SRVM_TRACE=”true”.

The reason is that EM Grid Control agent  verifies the status of the cluster  in every 5mins and the logs are being generated in the specified location.

If you don’t want agent to generate logs, do the following:

Modify cluvfy script, located in $ORACLE_BASE/grid/bin, by adding SRVM_TRACE=”false” at top of script(approximate line number is 25).

In addition, you can delete these logs without any problem to free up the space.

That is all.


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