Changing SYSMAN password(can cause problems)

After changing SYSMAN password from PL/SQL Developer, Enterprise Manager showed me: Agent Unreachable. I started to drill down and checked status of the agent on Oracle server. It showed me that agent was started. But after running the following:

emctl upload

It showed me the exact error: ORA-28000: the account is locked.

Let’s clarify: I’ve changed SYSMAN password, but EM stores and uses the old password during connecting(because changes from PL/SQL developer was not reflected to EM repository) . That’s why SYSMAN account was going to lock.

If you try to go to the EM URL it will show some unusual messages, that database is in shutdown or needs recovery. Don’t do anything! (this is caused because of the SYSMAN password has been changed, neither database is down nor needs recovery)

Let’s just solve it.

1. Stop dbconsole

emctl stop dbconsole

2. Go to the file $ORACLE_HOME/<hostname_sid>/sysman/config/ and change the following lines to:



Don’t worry about plain text password , it will be encrypted automatically after you save the file.

3. Start dbconsole

emctl start dbconsole



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