Install PL/SQL Developer under Wine on Linux

First of all, let’s install Wine.

Note: when in the beginning there is # sign, means user is root and where there is $ the user is oracle.

Installing Wine

But if you have internet access you can run just the following :

# sudo apt-get install wine

Because of I don’t have internet on my server, I use the following steps to install wine.

0. Before installing wine you must have flex version 2.5.33 or more.

Download link:

# cd flex-2.5.33
# make
# make install
# make clean
# make distclean
# flex –version

1. Download wine installation from:

Section: Wine Source Downloads

My downloaded file is named wine-1.3.13.tar.bz2.

2. Extract

# tar -jxvf wine-1.3.13.tar.bz2
#  cd wine-1.3.13
#  ./configure
#  make depend
#  make
#  make install

It needs some time to complete, so be patient. 🙂

Installing the Oracle Client

1. Download file from here:

I choose Instant Client for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) and then here are all files required to run OCI, OCCI, and JDBC-OCI applications.

2. Extract

$ unzip

3. Create necessary directories, locate software and set variables

Run winecfg, it will create .wine directory under $HOME.

$ winecfg

Under Drives tab, there will be entries like:

Letter   |  Drive Mapping
C:         |  ../drive_c
Z:          | /

Means our C drive will be $HOME/.wine/drive_c

Now create directories……..

$ cd $HOME/.wine/drive_c
$ mkdir -p oracle/bin
$ mkdir -p oracle/network/admin

Go to the directory where you have extracted instantclient_11_2 and copy its content to oracle/bin directory:
$ mv instantclient_11_2/*  $HOME/.wine/drive_c/oracle/bin

Now we have all neccessary .dll files in $HOME/.wine/drive_c/oracle/bin the same as C:\oracle\bin

Modifying regedit…

$ wine regedit

Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software add new key called Oracle.
Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\SessionManager\Environment
Edit the following values at the end of the PATH variable: c:\oracle;c:\oracle\bin
Create new string value named TNS_ADMIN with the value data c:\oracle\network\admin.


Now place sqlnet.ora and tnsnames.ora files into the c:\oracle\network\admin directory:





(ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = compname)(PORT = 1521))

Installing PL/SQL Developer

1. Download the software from here(note, it is a trial):

Install and run the software.

You will see incomplete login window, where “Connect as” field is not displayed.

Now let’s solve this:

1. Close the window and under Preferences->Oracle->Connection fill the following fields:

Oracle Home (empty is autodetect): C:\oracle
OCI library (empty is autodetect): C:\oracle\bin\oci.dll

2. Preferences-> User Interface->Appearance  uncheck Faded disabled buttons

Re-run PL/SQL Developer.

That’s it.


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One Response to Install PL/SQL Developer under Wine on Linux

  1. dennisme2 says:

    Thanks man, I can confirm this trick still works in 2017 with PL*SQL developer 11 and oracle12 on a 32 bits wine prefix under Opensuse 13.2.

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