Oracle: Audit DMLs by specific user

Ordinary auditing do not have option to indicate audit some activities done by specific user.

I mean, you cannot write the following:

audit insert on my_schema.my_table by my_user;  <<—-not possible. The right statement is:
audit insert on my_schema.my_table by access;
audit insert on my_schema.my_table by session;

If I want to audit only activities done by my_user, one of the way is to create audit policy like the following;

object_name=> ‘my_table‘,
policy_name=> ‘my_policy’,
audit_condition => ‘sys_context(”USERENV”,”CURRENT_USER”)=”MY_USER”’,
enable => TRUE,
statement_types => ‘INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE’,
audit_column_opts => dbms_fga.all_columns);

So audit_condition gives the opportunity to check something and in this case we are checking user that is running statements indicated in statement_types option.

–Logs will be located here

SELECT * FROM dba_fga_audit_trail

–To see what policies we have

SELECT * FROM dba_audit_policies


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