DNS/NIS name service prereq failed

I was configuring an Oracle Member cluster for Databases. This type of cluster was introduced in 12.2. It has a lot of benefits. To see more information and installation steps for this type of cluster visit Oracle doc site.

Visually it looks like the following:


So during the installtion prerequisite check was complaining about “DNS/NIS name service”


If you press details of the error you get a huge message. I won’t paste it’s content here, because it is something like bla bla… bla. Coud not find any meaningfull information there and lost too much time.

I seached on the Internet , still not found any good info.  Then started trying everything that came to my mind and one of them solved it.

So my entries about scan looked like the following:


Added domain name at the end:


And my check looks like the following:


Please note that there may be several cases when this type of failure appeares. I showed you one of them.

Good Luck!


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