Manually Apply a One-Off Patch to the JDBC Thin Driver

In this example we will apply patch 17284368 on JDBC thin driver 11g.

1. Download from My Oracle Support.

2. Extract downloaded patch into /u01/swtmp directory.

3. Make a backup copy of the existing “ojdbc5.jar” file.

4. Copy the file “ojdbc5.jar” used by your application to the directory /u01/swtmp/17284368/files/jdbc/lib/ojdbc5.jar/.

5. Patch ojdbc5.jar

$ cd /u01/swtmp/17284368/files/jdbc/lib/ojdbc5.jar/  
$ jar uvf ojdbc5.jar *

6. Copy the patched “ojdbc5.jar” file to your test environment.

Please note that, Opatch is the recommended path to apply JDBC patches on production environments. Using this manual method is for testing purposes only.


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