Common usage examples of cluvfy utility

1. Discovering all available network interfaces and verifying the connectivity between the nodes in the cluster through those network interfaces:

$ cluvfy comp nodecon -n all -verbose

2. Check the reachability of specified nodes from a source node:

$ cluvfy comp nodereach -n all -verbose

3. Check the integrity of Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) on all the specified nodes:

$ cluvfy comp ocr -n all -verbose

4. Verifying the integrity of the Oracle high availability services daemon on all nodes in the cluster:

$ cluvfy comp ohasd -n all -verbose

5. Comparing nodes:

$ cluvfy comp peer -n all -verbose

6. Verifying the software configuration on all nodes in the cluster for the Oracle Clusterware home directory:

$ cluvfy comp software -n all -verbose

7. Check the integrity of the cluster on all the nodes in the node list:

$ cluvfy comp clu -n all -verbose


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