Display ASM disk attributes while ASM is not running, using KFOD

$GRID_HOME/bin/kfod has many usages (kfod -help), one of them is to print disk attributes without connecting to an ASM instance. Even more, you can display these attributes while ASM is not running. Imagine how useful can it be for you, when troubleshooting ASM startup issues.

Let’s display: disk size, header, path, diskgroup name, owner user, owner group, physical sector size, logical sector size.

[root@rac1~]# kfod op=disks status=true disks=all dscvgroup=true diskattr=all

Let’s see if ASM is running during that time:

[root@rac1~]# ps -ef|grep smon

root 3716 1     4 12:36 ?      00:00:01 /u01/app/19.3.0/grid/bin/osysmond.bin
root 5178 5083  0 12:37 pts/0  00:00:00 grep --color=auto smon

There is no asm_smon_+ASM1, which means ASM is down.


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