Print the content of multiple differently named files in Linux

If the number of files you are working on is big, then you need automation as soon as possible.
This post describes find -o option, which helps you work on differently named files when their number is big.

For example, if you want to output the content of files physical_block_size and logical_block_size located under /sys/block/*/queue, run the following:

# find /sys/block/*/queue -name physical_block_size -o -name logical_block_size | while read f ; do echo "$f $(cat $f)" ; done

/sys/block/dm-0/queue/physical_block_size 4096
/sys/block/dm-0/queue/logical_block_size 512
/sys/block/dm-1/queue/physical_block_size 512

Where -o means OR.

Useful when working on ASM disks.