Install Linux in Virtual Box


This blog post belongs to my student at Business and Technology University Saba Lapanashvili, thank you Saba for participating in this project.


– VirtualBox
– Linux iso file ( For example Linux Mint 15 )

Step 1: Choose System Type

– After installing VirtualBox, click New
– Fill the Name field: e.g Linux Mint 15
– Select Type: Linux
– Select Version: Ubuntu

Step 2: Select the Amount of RAM

– Select the amount of RAM, e.g 2048 MB = 2 GB

Step 3: Configure Hard Disk Settings

– Choose Create a virtual hard drive now, to make a virtual disk space
– Select the VDI 
– Choose Dynamically allocated
– Select the amount of hard drive size

Step 4: Choose Linux ISO File

Now we have done hardware settings

– Click Start to launch system
– Choose your system iso file from your computer, for example my system iso file is (linuxmint-15-cinnamon-dvd-64bit.iso)

Step 5: Install Linux and Make Account

– Click on the Install Linux Mint
– And select Erase disk and install Linux Mint
– Then press Install Now
– Make your account
– Press Continue

Step 6: Congratulations

Congratulations now you have Linux on your Windows.

Find out started Oracle databases in Windows using command line

One of the simplest way to find what databases are started in Windows  is to see all started processes and filter them by keyword oracle.

By net start command you will see all started services:

H:\>net start
These Windows services are started:

Apache Tomcat 6.0-1
 Application Experience Lookup Service
 COM+ Event System
 COM+ System Application
 Computer Browser
 Cryptographic Services
 DCOM Server Process Launcher
 DHCP Client
 Distributed Link Tracking Client
 Distributed Transaction Coordinator
 DNS Client
 Event Log
 Help and Support
 IPSEC Services
 Java Quick Starter
 Logical Disk Manager
 Machine Debug Manager
 ManageEngine EventLogAnalyzer 9 - Agent
 Net Logon
 NetBackup Client Service
 NetBackup Legacy Client Service
 NetBackup Legacy Network Service
 Network Connections
 Network Location Awareness (NLA)
 Plug and Play
 Print Spooler
 Protected Storage
 Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
 Remote Registry
 Secondary Logon
 Security Accounts Manager
 Shell Hardware Detection
 Symantec Endpoint Protection
 Symantec Event Manager
 Symantec Management Client
 Symantec Private Branch Exchange
 Symantec Settings Manager
 System Event Notification
 Task Scheduler
 TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
 Terminal Services
 VMware Physical Disk Helper Service
 VMware Tools Service
 VMware Upgrade Helper
 VNC Server Version 4
 Windows Management Instrumentation
 Windows Time
 Wireless Configuration

The command completed successfully.

To filter the output use | <–pipe and then command findstr which has option /I <–case insensitive to search keyword oracle :

H:\>net start|findstr /I "oracle"


From here you should guess that database sid that is started is ORATEST10G

Fix WAN Miniport problem windows 8

Windoooooowwws , it makes me crazy some times 🙂

Sometimes(it’s my third time) I have problems with windows vpn, getting error 720.

It has a “simple”(when you know(:) solution but every time I come across this problem I forget how I solved it before and decided to write solution here.

In Device Manager under “Network adapters” , there is yellow exclamation mark over “WAN Miniport (IP)” and “WAN Miniport(Network Monitor)

Let’s uninstall it.

Uninstalling these miniports are not allowed. So first of all you should change it with different driver.

Locate your mouse on these driver and right click -> Update Driver Software->Browse my computer for driver software->Let me pick from a list of …-> uncheck “Show compatible hardware” and then choose for example Philips ->






When instead of WAN Miniport (IP) there appears the above driver , you can uninstall it.

Do the same steps for Network Monitor driver.

Now we do not have these drivers with exclamation marks.. because we do not have them at all 🙂

Now we are going to install these drivers with devcon.exe utility.

Download devcon 64bit version from

Run CMD with administrator privileges, go to the directory where devcon.exe file exist and run:

devcon.exe install c:\windows\inf\netrasa.inf MS_NDISWANIP

Good Luck, it should now be working.