Open Suse 11.4 Wireless is connected(active) but there is no internet [SOLVED]

In this post, I am going to provide you by one of the solution which helped me…

I simply renamed resolv.conf file which is located in /etc:

:~> su

# cd /etc
# mv resolv.conf resolv111.conf

That’s it.

Let’s expalin a little bit more:

What is resolv.conf?

Resolv.conf is a resolver configuration file. This file defines which Doman Name Servers to use.

See the content of this file:

#cat resolv.conf

search site

Means-> when you type It will go to the first DNS server and ask what IP does this corresponds. If this nameserver doesn’t know the answer, will be next nameserver to be asked.


If you know the correct name servers just modify this file with correct entries(instead of renaming it).

But if it doesn’t work… Run the Network Settings, in Global Options tab, in the  IPv6 Protocol Settings section, uncheck the box Enable IPv6.



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