Install SQL Developer on Open Suse

This post will be very useful for whom is new in Linux and is trying to install SQL Developer.

1. Donwload SQL Developer installation from Oracle SQL Developer RPM for Linux.

2. Install that rpm package:

> su

# rpm -Uhv sqldeveloper-

3. Download JDK from here.

Go to the directory, where you have downloaded JDK:

> su

Make it executable:

#chmod a+x jdk-6u25-linux-i586-rpm.bin

Run that file:

# ./jdk-6u25-linux-i586-rpm.bin

4. Add/change the following environment variables:


Note: That variables should be added/edited in .profile, if you don’t want to set them every time you log on.

5. Run SQL Developer:

# sqldeveloper

If you have some problems with running it, simply exit from the terminal and reconnect it and try above steps again. Or check environment variables if they are correctly set. This may help.




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