How To Configure Network Interfaces in Solaris

I will discuss how to change existing interface by another one.

I have interface ce0 and want it to change with ce5.

1. Stop the interface

# ifconfig ce0 down

2. Unplumb the interface

# ifconfig ce0 unplumb

3. Plumb another interface

# ifconfig ce5 plumb

4. Configure the interface

# ifconfig ce5 netmask

5. Start the interface

# ifconfig ce5 up

This changes are not permanent, it will be lost after reboot. To make it permanent:

1. Edit the file /etc/hosts and enter IPs for each interface, but include different names.

For example,


In my case I have just one(because, I am not adding interface but changing)


2. edit the file(s) /etc/hostname.<interface>

# cat /etc/hostname.ce0

# cat /etc/hostname.ce5

In my case I have just the last one.


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