Migrate SQL Server Reporting Services to another server

Here are the steps how to migrate RS to another server using same database release. For example: From SQL Server 2008-> to SQL Server 2008.

1. Install Database and Reporting Services on target server. If you have just database service installed , you can add Reporting Service by running SQL Server Installation Center:


follow the steps and check Reporting Services box for installation.

2.  Backup Reporting Service databases on source server, for me they are: ReportServer and ReportServerTempDB.

3. Backup Encryption Key on source server.

Run Reporting Services Configuration Manager:


Connect to the  Reporting Server –> Go to the Encryption Keys section and click Backup button.


It will ask you for the password , which will be needed for the restoration on target server.

4. Restore ReportServer and ReportServerTempDB databases(backed up in the 2-nd step) with the overwrite option on the target server.

5. On target server go to the Reporting Services Configuration Manager –> Encryption Keys section and restore the key. (Enter the password, when prompted, which you have indicated during backup of the key on source server )

Note, in Database section reporting service should point to the database named ReportServer .

You should now navigate to the reporting service address: http://target_server_hostname:80/Reports.


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