Upgrade 10g XE to 11g XE

I’ve had a lot of trouble with 10g XE. Especially with its upgrading process to 11g XE. So I want to share my experience with you.

There are at least 2 options to do the upgrade.

First one is backup/restore and second one is export/import.

Note: I ‘ve installed 10g XE and 11g XE on separate servers(because couldn’t handle to install them together)

Note2: The 1st one doesn’t worked for me and is described shortly. The 2nd  one worked for me and is fully descriptive.

1. Take utlu112i.sql script from 11g XE and place it on 10g XE server.

2. Run this script on 10g XE.

Go to the gen_inst.sql file location or indicate a full path to the file:

sqlplus sys as sysdba @gen_inst.sql

3. Backup 10g XE database.

4. Restore to 11g XE

5. Startup upgrade.

6. Run the following scripts on 11g XE.


sqlplus sys as sysdba @catupgrd.sql


sqlplus sys as sysdba @utlrp.sql

BUT these steps that are described on most of the blogs and sites did not work for me.

Another option that worked for me is export/import.

1. Take gen_inst.sql script from 11g XE.

2. Place and run this script on 10g XE.

sqlplus sys as sysdba @gen_inst.sql

It will generate install.sql, gen_apps.sql and other .sql files

3. On 10g XE

CREATE DIRECTORY DUMP_DIR AS ‘C:\oraclexe\dump_dir’;

GRANT read, write ON DIRECTORY DUMP_DIR TO public;

expdp ‘sys/passwd as sysdba’ full=Y EXCLUDE=SCHEMA:\"LIKE \’APEX_%\’\",SCHEMA:\"LIKE \’FLOWS_%\’\" directory=DUMP_DIR dumpfile=DB10G.DMPlogfile=expdpDB10G.log

expdp ‘sys/passwd as sysdba’ TABLES=FLOWS_FILES.WWV_FLOW_FILE_OBJECTS$ directory=DUMP_DIR dumpfile=DB10G2.dmp logfile=expdpDB10G2.log

Note: if ‘sys/passwd as sysdba’  doesn’t work try without it and then enter the credentials.

expdp  full=Y EXCLUDE=SCHEMA….
Username: sys@XE as sysdba
Password: *****

4. Import to 11g XE

CREATE DIRECTORY DUMP_DIR AS ‘C:\oraclexe\dump_dir’;
GRANT read, write ON DIRECTORY DUMP_DIR TO public;

impdp  ‘sys/passwd as sysdba’ full=Y directory=DUMP_DIR dumpfile=DB10G.DMP logfile=expdpDB10G1.log

impdp  ‘sys/passwd as sysdba’ directory=DUMP_DIR TABLE_EXISTS_ACTION=APPEND  TABLES=FLOWS_FILES.WWV_FLOW_FILE_OBJECTS$ dumpfile=DB10G2.DMP logfile=expdpDB10G1b.log

5. Run install.sql. It will run other scripts itself.

sqlplus sys as sysdba @install.sql


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