Fix WAN Miniport problem windows 8

Windoooooowwws , it makes me crazy some times ūüôā

Sometimes(it’s my third time) I have problems with windows vpn, getting¬†error 720.

It has a “simple”(when you know(:) solution but every time I come across this problem I forget how I solved¬†it before and decided to write solution here.

In¬†Device Manager¬†under “Network adapters” , there is yellow exclamation mark over “WAN Miniport (IP)” and “WAN Miniport(Network Monitor)

Let’s uninstall it.

Uninstalling these miniports are not allowed. So first of all you should change it with different driver.

Locate your mouse on these driver and right click -> Update Driver Software->Browse my computer for driver software->Let me pick from a list of …-> uncheck “Show compatible hardware” and then choose for example Philips ->






When instead of WAN Miniport (IP) there appears the above driver , you can uninstall it.

Do the same steps for Network Monitor driver.

Now we do not have these drivers with exclamation marks.. because we do not have them at all ūüôā

Now we are going to install these drivers with devcon.exe utility.

Download devcon 64bit version from

Run CMD with administrator privileges, go to the directory where devcon.exe file exist and run:

devcon.exe install c:\windows\inf\netrasa.inf MS_NDISWANIP

Good Luck, it should now be working.


ORA-22992: cannot use LOB locators selected from remote tables Oracle 11g

Some details:

    Database Version: 11g
    Database Names: DB1, DB2
    Database link name: dblink (created in DB1)

You may need to retrieve clob data via database link using the following command:

SQL> select *
from test@dblink

Raises ORA-22992 error.

To resolve this, follow the steps bellow.

Let’s start from the beginning:

1. In database DB2, create test table with clob column and insert data.

SQL> create table test(
text clob

SQL> insert into test(text)
values(‘Some test data was inserted.’);

SQL> commit;

2. In database DB1:

SQL> create database link dblink connect to dbusername identified by¬†dbusernamepasswd using ‘DB2’;

3.  If you run the following select, you will get ORA-22992 error.

SQL> select *
from test@dblink;

ORA-22992: cannot use LOB locators selected from remote tables

…… Solution

In DB1¬†create global temporary table with the same structure as test table, let’s name it as testglobal.

SQL> create global temporary table testglobal
on commit delete rows
as select * from test@dblink;

For now , our global temporary table doesn’t contain any rows. Because data was automatically committed during creation.

SQL> select * from testglobal;
no rows selected

Let’s insert data into it.

SQL> insert into testglobal
select y from test@dblink;

Now, We have the CLOB data locally, in  table until commit.

SQL> select * from testglobal ;

Some test data was inserted.