Enabling/disabling MPxIO(multipathing) for Solaris 10

In this post, there is  discussed the steps how to enable or disable multipathing for Sun Solaris with HP storage systems.

Solaris MPxIO enables the storage device to be accessed by multiple host controller interfaces from a single OS interface. If one of the I/O controller fails MPxIO architecture automatically switches to another available one.

1. The file to enable or disable multipathing in Solaris 10 is /kernel/drv/ scsi_vhci.conf.

The following entry in this file, means that mpxio is enabled.


If you want to disable it, write “yes” instead of “no”.


2. Enter the devfsadm command to build the appropriate device files.

#devfsadm –C

3. Run the following command.

# stmsboot –e

4. Reboot the system.

To check if everything is OK, use format utility or run the following command.

# stmsboot –L

It will show you non-STMS device names and its appropriate  STMS device names.


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